About Althaea

About Althaea

An outspoken family business

The Althaea products have been sold for over 20 years in the better retailers and chocolate shops in the four corners of the world. Chocolate is shipped to Europe, the Middle East, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Canada and the US.

The name “Althaea” was found on the bow of an antique three-master, which sailed the seven seas in the 17th century. It seemed appropriate to us to set sail and discover adventurous tastes. Welcome on board!

Althaea is a family business with more than 45 years of experience, which operates with absolute dedication.

Althaea thanks its reputation to a high-quality product range in carefully selected packaging. The company follows the evolution of the production and packaging lines closely and constantly invests in the most advanced facilities.

Employees regularly attend refresher courses, allowing them to keep abreast of current regulations in terms of hygiene and food safety. They form a close and multifunctional team, with a significant expertise in their area.