Barry Callebaut – world leader in chocolate products
Barry Callebaut is the major producer in the world of cacao and chocolate products. We are committed to making tasty chocolate products which our customers can identify themselves with. On the plantations on the equator we carefully monitor the superior quality of the harvest. And with the latest processing techniques we know how to preserve the valuable antioxidants in the cacao beans to the maximum. This results in unique cacao and chocolate products.
Our commitment continues in our production centres where we develop tomorrow’s chocolate.
Through the entire value chain Barry Callebaut is a socially aware enterprise – from tracing and processing ingredients to making the best, safest and healthiest products for our customers and end consumers.

The power of ACTICOA™ Chocolate
Research has demonstrated that the natural substances present in ACTICOA™ Chocolate can have lots of favourable effects on our body. You keep young in a tasty manner and, besides, in top condition!

Enjoy and feel fit.
We don’t have to tell you that chocolate tastes good. Whether you like bitter, fruity, caramel or sweet. There is a variety for every taste. But chocolate is also healthy. Want to taste ACTICOA™ Chocolate?

ACTICOA™ Chocolate: tasty and healthy!
It is beyond question that cacao beans contain more than 200 substances that stimulate our health. Polyphenols are one of them. These antioxidants have a proven favourable effect on body and mind.
ACTICOA™ Chocolate is the only chocolate in the world with the highest dose of cacao polyphenols. The production process of ACTICOA™ Chocolate is completely made to preserve the natural advantages of the cacao bean. Dark ACTICOA™ Chocolate even contains twice as many wholesome cacao polyphenols as standard dark chocolate.

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