Sea shells

Refinement in taste and design

A range of fruits de mer in white and milk chocolate with a delicious hazelnut-praliné centre (50% hazelnuts, 50% sugar – no vegetable fats added). The bestseller from the Belgian chocolate range, appreciated worldwide by connoisseurs.

The Althaea sea shells offer you excellent taste and quality. By not adding vegetable fat, they have a significantly higher melting point.


A unique range Several traditional maritime accessories, made of the finest white and milk chocolate, filled with the famous Althaea hazelnut-praliné.

Eye for detail, refined design, balanced composition… this collection testifies of the authentic craftsmanship of the chocolate makers at Althaea.

A high-class and original gift.


For the true connoisseur!

A sweet-and-sour cherry, marinated in alcohol and then submerged in the finest Belgian bitter chocolate. A perfect harmony of natural ingredients in a surprising combination.

Nature in its purest form: the Cerisette still has the cherry stone and stalk.

Mini eggs

Full of taste and enjoyment

A fine range of eggs in bitter, white and milk chocolate, filled with hazelnut-praliné. Several cream types with natural essences.

Every egg is carefully wrapped in aluminium with a specific colour for each composition.

The packaging can also be individually adjusted.

Play & eat

A discovery for the taste buds

Althaea is continuously exploring the four quarters of the world looking for new taste experiences. The introduction of two delicious truffle products is completely in line with this approach.


The Althaea Coffee Truffles with a tasty coffee centre are moulded in milk chocolate and covered in soft bitter chocolate.

Nougat Truffle

The Althaea Nougat Truffles with hazelnut-praliné and nougat granules in a perfect proportion are covered in fine milk chocolate.

Althaea chocolate bonbons

An assortment of round truffles in milk- and dark chocolate, filled with the famous Althaea hazelnut-praliné or a delicious Ganache with coffee… all individual truffles are twisted in nice coloured foils…

Chocolate bars voor Private labels

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